How-to Shuck Corn with a Knife

In this video Tom is going to show you his way of shucking corn with a sharp knife. Then I’ll explain how to make a simple corn stock. Tom’s method makes it simple by using kitchen tools which you will already have, that is, a knife, cutting board and pot – quick and easy. But one of these days I’m going to try a small corn zipper tool…another post for another day.

Who doesn’t love farmer’s fresh corn from the market, my latest favorite, which I deem to be the most colorful and flavorful, is bi-colored corn. We just returned from the North Square Farmer’s Market, Chambersburg PA with our bags of goodies:  Plan on using around 6-8 ears of corn to make corn stock and have the cut kernels for a yet to-be-determined corn soup or dish.

So here’s TOM! I’ll pick you up on the other side…

As you saw, he throws the cobs along with some husks into a large stainless steel soup pot. Now add water:  As a general rule one cup of water for each corn cob. This time I did not add any other ingredients since I’m not sure how we’re going to use the corn stock but it never hurts to add fresh onions and celery. Boil the corn stock on the stove top for about 30 minutes but of course it would only take a hot 4 minutes on medium pressure in your pressure cooker. Strain the corn stock and it’s ready to use! It really enhances soups made with corn, adding another layer to your culinary skills. Another bonus is that it’s doubly wonderful to freeze and have on hand, especially in the cold winter months!

Corn Cob Broth