Cooking Ears of Corn in the Microwave

More CORN, CORN, CORN…we love it, summer fun! Takes us back to those playful summer vacation days. Aren’t we so lucky to have an abundance of fresh produce and fruits in Franklin County, PA. A perfect place to raise whole food, plant-based on fertile farmland  – the soil is filled with wonderful nutrients to grow fantastically healthy food, add blessings of sun and rain, and hard working farmers…can’t beat it.

Tom and I volunteer for the Gleaning Project of South Central PA and view fields and fields of beautiful fresh corn up close and personal. I have learned how to pick full ears of corn and toting those heavy bags is wonderful exercise, saving us a trip to the gym. Helping our community by providing saved veggies is another breath of fresh air. We love gleaning! 

Gleaning Corn in Franklin County, PA
Gleaning Corn in Franklin County, PA

Speaking of corn, let’s cook a few ears for ourselves. How to cook a few ears of corn on the cob without the fuss of pots and water while saving time is shown in the video. We’ll be watching Tom cook ears of corn in the microwave. Depending on your microwave, cooking time takes only between 1-2 minutes per ear. NO need to add anything to the hots ears, they are packed with natural sweetness. Let’s get started, I’m getting hungry. 

…and now enjoy those tantalizing ears of corn!